Calligraphy Headlines 2016 - The Ebook

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On the 4th of January 2016, I took the impulsive decision to embark on a daily challenge  for the year : every day, I would calligraph and illustrate a funny news headline and post it on Instagram (@pebbleinthesky). Day after day, more people followed my project, commenting on the silly news and the beautiful calligraphy. I learned a lot and met many new friends who asked me to put them all in a book...

In this ebook, I gathered the best 300 pieces of calligraphy that I wrote for the project. Here's what you'll get :

  • 300 fun stories that brought a smile on my face almost every day in 2016. 
  • Updated photos of each project in HD.
  • Examples of calligraphy in Copperplate, Spencerian and some personal variations of pointed pen.

  • The details of the stories that go along with the headlines, with links to the original articles.
  • The list of the materials that I used, with my comments.
  • Calligraphers looking for inspiration will appreciate the many examples of elaborate flourishes and letter variations, as well as a nice variety of layout ideas.
  • If needed, the pages can be printed for reference - for personal use only, of course !

All the time and effort that went into making these weird and beautiful headlines paid off and I could see my calligraphy skills improve a lot over the year. I hope this ebook is going to be a valuable resource and an inspiration for calligraphers willing to practice and get better. 

Non calligraphers will find in this ebook interesting and fun stories, beautifully illustrated, that will spark some conversations ;) !

As an indication, the price of art ebooks can vary between $6-$50. For this one, I want to let you choose what you want to pay based on how you value my work. 

About the PDF

  • Given the number of HD photos inside, the file is quite big (140Mb). It may take a few minutes to download.
  • The hyperlinks inside work perfectly well in Adobe Reader, but I can't guarantee that they will work with other softwares or apps.
  • The images were edited to be viewed on a screen. As all screens are different, they will not all display exactly the same colors / brightness. When printed, the colors may not look as nice and the image resolution will not be the best...

Thank you for you contribution !

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Calligraphy Headlines 2016 - The Ebook

1 rating
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